At you no, possibilities

At you no, possibilitiesHow it is correct to behave in public transportOne of the main dangers trapping future mother in a way, still has possible traumas.

To avoid annoying accidents during a trip in public transport, observe the basic principles of own safety.

at you no, possibilities not to go by transport, try to talk to the administration about operating time transfer on a few hours ago or forward at least not to get to rush hour when danger to undergo to traumas is more.

Do not sit down in the overflowed transport in rush hours where can push, push etc.

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Drops open

Drops open Babies as you know, breathe only a nose and cannot, is similar to adults, to pass to breath through a mouth when the nose is stuffed up they continue desperate attempts to breathe a nose, despite his downtroddenness.

Drops open for some time a nose, allowing the exhausted kid to eat or fall asleep.

However we warn to drip them in a nose it is possible not more often than three times a day within days, the boomerang effect otherwise is possible the reduced vessels will extend more strongly former, and hypostasis will amplify.

That drops worked with the greatest effect for this purpose they should reach a mucous membrane of a nose, before an instillation clean a nose of the child Antiedematous preparations.

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If you appeared

If you appeared Both overheatin and overcooling badly influence breath.

Care of maintenance of health of the child In spite of the fact that SIDS does not spare any group of babies, risk it is higher at children growing in bad social and economic conditions.

If you appeared in a difficult household and financial position and cannot provide to the child necessary leavin address for the help to the doctor and the organization on improvement of living conditions of the population.

Researches showed that at good care of the child the probability of SIDS decreases.

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Against a stress

Against a stress And it everythin to nechno, will be reflected in a state of health of your child.

Against a stress at it can develop even school not .

Considering a future state of health , specific weight of various factors of the anamnesis, existence of these or those components of a school maturity, doctors under divide all children into groups or categories ready to trainin conditionally ready to trainin vy to training at school.

Ready are usually children with a good condition .

They are ill only incidentally, chronic zaboEgo Majesty the Child!.

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Perekusyvaniye Zora showed to the girls that she worried concerning food.

Perekusyvaniye Between food intakes it is possible to suggest to have a bite something.

but it should for a considerable period before the following main reception write.

Perekusyvaniye can become good possibility to enter new products into a diet of your child.

Fly can refuse any product during the main food intake, but eat it in quality .

Perekusy fresh fruit, dried fruits or biscuit are ideal.

to abstain from salty delicacies, such as crackers, or sweets and chocolate.

Do not allow the children to eat too much of delicacies during the day.

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